Saturday, September 25, 2010

Welcome to the Practical Magic Blog Party!

Greetings on this festive night for us lovers of "Practical Magic"! Please pardon my tardiness in posting as I have had a rather "blood around the Moon" kind of month! I had the best of intentions to create something wild and wonderful for our celebration, but crisis after crisis seemed to get in my way. I do have something to share that I think will bring a bit of atmosphere and magical glow to the evening and I hope you like it. For this evening, I am sharing one of my spiced lantern designs that I do for my "Wildberry Gatherings" business. For anyone who leaves a comment or becomes a follower of my blog, I will put your name in for a drawing for this lantern! I create these lanterns by handcutting my original design and then using several techniques, I cover the mason jar in my special witchy blend of spices and then coat it in pure beeswax. When lit with a tealight, it gives off a wonderful scent of spices and honey and I would love for it to brighten your Halloween or just any day you feel like letting your inner witch out to play! As far as tonight goes, I have to say that my favorite part of "Practical Magic" is definately the house and garden. If I had my wish, I would live in that very house, grow herbs in that very garden and look out from that very island....and so on and so on. I am a huge lover of vintage and victorian and wish I had the courage to dress like the aunts..I just loved the entire feel of the movie and found my eyes could not take in all of the wonderful details enough...that is where the pure magic was for me. Now that Autumn is upon us, I am so looking forward to decorating my home for the holiday and will be so inspired by reading all of your posts and just soaking up the creativity and enthusiasm that this party has generated. I wish I could've done more for tonight as I am blown away by the things you all have shared...I will be posting some more "Practical Magic" inspired designs throughout the month and I hope you will check back. What a great idea this was and I hope it becomes a yearly event!! Blessed Be and may all of your "witches" come true!